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Casa Milonga night ”Noche de Lunes”

The tango dance Salon in Casa “Noche de Lunes”. Cosy and traditionel BsAs atmosphere.

A humble place with good social behavior and a lot of spirit and love for Argentine tango.

18.45 – Warm up. Dancing with music.
19.00 – 20:00 Pre-workshop called Casa-Lab.
20.00 – 23.00 Casa Milonga ”Noche de Lunes”.
”Casa’s pre-workshop” 19:00-20:00.
The topics of our Casa workshops are normaly steps and trends inspired by “great maestros” from The Golden Age and up to our time.
Every month we have a new topic and different instructors prepare and teach their personal interpretations of the topic to share their ideas with the participants.
April 3.-10.-17.og 24.
Topic pre-workshop: ”Aperturas y Resolutions”.

About Apertura (Salida extendida) / Resolution (Puede ser Variaciones).
Link (ex.): mega.nz/folder/tywkVICL#a-Fs8xg5LXZI5OLphABxHA

Instructors :
03. Apr Instructors Sussi Maack & Helle
10. Apr Instructors Therese Heltberg & Jan Quach
17. Apr Instructors Susan & Bo Gito
24. Apr Instructors Vicky & Phillip Steptoe

Casa Milonga night ”Noche de Lunes” 20:00 – 23:00.
Traditional classical music with tandas and cortinas. Different passionated Dj’s every Monday. Basic traditional tango music but the Dj’s have free hands for different personal inputs.

DJ’s April:
03. Celeste Meersohn 10. Bo Gito (the black tanda)
17. Torben Mikkelsen
24. Flemming Mortensen (guess when the melody is played for the third time)

Food and drinks: We have the cheapest bar in town with friendly self-service.
Normally we offer hot delicious empanadas meat/vegetarian cooked with love by Betty Carmen Mendieta – BUT its cancelled for a period because of
́Bettys accident.

Workshop kr. 55
Entrance Milonga ”Noche de Lunes” kr. 65*
Combi pre-workshop & Milonga night kr. 110*
Discount: 4 x Mondays. Pre-workshop + Milonga night kr. 400/360*
*Ordinary entrance / discount (10%) for brobizzer and members of Frb.tango 2023.

Place: Casa Latinoamericana, Høffdingsvej 10, 2500 Valby
S-Vigerslev Allé – Free parking area.


03 apr 2023


6:45 pm - 11:00 pm

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Milonga ”Noche de Lunes” in Casa


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